Aeolian Islands Cruise

Living the Aeolian Islands aboard a gulet cruise exploring their history, tradition and culture. Discover the charm of time visiting the places that became the theater of the actions of the greatest civilizations. Admire immense natural spectacles with a beauty that makes them unique in the world.These are the main reasons behind which our itineraries […]

Aeolian Islands and Sicilian coast

The Aeolian and Sicilian coast itinerary is designed entirely by us. Many passengers honor us with their desire to return on board the Gulet Kaptan Yilmaz asking not to do the same tour. For this very reason we have created this new itinerary. …Filicudi, Alicudi and Cefalù are some of the places that we will […]

Egadi Islands Cruise

The Egadi itinerary is a highly sought-after itinerary, because there are many miles to cover, in addition to the fact that this archipelago, due to its geographical position, is often lashed by Sirocco or Mistral winds. But the beauties, the air and the good food reward abundantly.