… It is fundamental for the success of a cruise.
The advice we can give to you is to ask questions about the crew before confirming a cruise.
A good crew makes the difference, the most important members on board are the captain and the cook, which is why on this page you will find their “biographies”.
In this page we gave them freedom to talk about himself.

Let us introduce to you the crew of Kaptan Yilmaz.

Fabrizio Delia

The ship’s captain

born 1979, in Messina teetotaler and nonsmoker

Miles traveled: 22,500

Languages spoken: Italian and English

Titles and courses held:

  • Master 200GT (Master up to 200 tons), certification recognized by I.M.O. (International Maritime Organization)
  • Yacht Master (Commander up to 200 tons, British merchant navy)
  • HELM ( Human Element Leadership & Management)
  • Italian merchant navy cadet officer
  • Unlimited sailing/engine sailing license
  • Anis advanced diver’s license
  • PSSR course (Personal Safety and Social Responsibility)
  • Firefighting course
  • Survival and rescue course
  • Elementary first aid course
  • First Aid Course
  • Security Course
  • MAMS (Maritime Enabled Means of Rescue)
  • GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System)
  • Radar Course
  • Harp Radar Course

In these lines I will try to give you a broad understanding of the passion that has directed me to carry out this work, and that gives me the “charge” every day so that your vacation will remain one of the most beautiful experiences you have had.

Since childhood I have lived in close contact with the sea, “my” sea I have always identified it with the Strait of Messina, famous or rather infamous, for its currents and its danger. Already during my teenage years I wanted to give direction to my future, although the nautical school in Messina was not a real stepping stone for me.

I took my first sailing courses when I was 16, with dinghies. I can assure you that sculling in November with a laser in the strait with water resembling polar water helped me choose offshore sailing with extreme decision and speed. Initially, I devoted myself to classic local regattas, and then to more important experiences such as the Rolex Middle Sea Race in 2005, the regatta that starting from Malta makes the non-stop circumnavigation of Sicily and later several editions of the Brindisi-Kerkyra race. These experiences gave me the opportunity to work alongside various friends/owners, with whom I used to race or for whom I used to make the transfers from France to Sicily of the higher performance boats they were buying … and who had to take care of bringing the new “toys” to the base if not the bowman?

Unfortunately, all transfers take place in the winter period, reason why there is no opportunity to enjoy the pleasures that only the summer sea can give, but only disturbances to be avoided, things that one almost never gets to practice.

Between a race and a transfer, just for fun, I began my “career” with a group of guys from Verona. This group rented a 14-meter sailing boat from a company to a friend of mine who asked me the courtesy to be the skipper and let its customers safely entertained, it was the ’99. Ended this cruise, it has followed other groups of crews and families that with satisfaction and a hint of astonishment were always excited and satisfied with their vacation that was very good thanks to me.

In 2007 I went to Turkey with a friend to find the right boat, a lot of randomness and luck have enabled us to buy one. The first gulet of 21 meters, 6 cabins and a single engine. We took him to Italy in February with difficulties, but we managed in the enterprise.

After the renovations, it came the first season characterized by a lot of enthusiasm and some problems but, with much effort, we were able to ensure that our guests don’t notice anything or rather, the only they noticed was a lot of animated passion for the sea, for “our” Aeolian and not least the desire to know the classic Sicilian hospitality.

The size of this vessel requires the search for a suitable crew, experience has directed me to select a group of people who are not always professional but passionate, those who often turn out to be more efficient and more attentive to realize my motto, which is : Embarking clients and disembarking friends!

Fortunately, I succeeded in my goal: to make known the essence of Sicily, its sea, its flavors.


the cook

Italian, 30 years old

Languages spoken: Italian and English

He inherited a love of cooking from his paternal grandfather, owner of an old rotisserie in Messina. Growing up, he decided to specialize in cooking and invest all his resources in it. At the age of 20 he opened a restaurant so as to delight his customers with traditional dishes, soon acquiring a large clientele.

When his passion for the sea took hold, he saw fit to approach boating and combine the two. Although in very small spaces, Marco offers passengers great-tasting dishes, satisfying a wide variety of needs.

To date he has two years’ experience aboard this type of boat, but his dedication and attention to the dishes have allowed him to grow quickly. He tries to offer his guests the most authentic flavors of his land and the most typical tastes, carefully selecting raw materials, his dishes and pairings.

His strong dishes are taken from the Messina tradition, but he is ready to satisfy more disparate: vegans, vegetarians, intolerances….


Procurement manager

Italian, 30 years old

Languages spoken: Italian, English

A law graduate, she entered the nautical world to “step outside the lines” thinking that a few months on board would not change her life. After a year of service as a hostess aboard the gulet, she decided that this was her “life”; it has already been 7 years working with MarVero.

During the summer season, her role is to take care of all the necessary supplies so that guests have what they require to spend a week’s vacation in comfort. During the winter period, brushing up on legal skills, he assists the company in fulfilling the many obligations required by industry regulations.

Her knowledge of languages and the certifications she has earned have enabled her to approach even foreign passengers, making them feel at home while keeping faith with Sicilian hospitality.