… It is fundamental for the success of a cruise.
The advice we can give to you is to ask questions about the crew before confirming a cruise.
A good crew makes the difference, the most important members on board are the captain and the cook, which is why on this page you will find their “biographies”.
In this page we gave them freedom to talk about himself.
We introduce to you the crew of Kaptan Yilmaz.

The captain:


FABRIZIO DELIA born in 1979 in Messina teetotaler and non-smoker

Mileage: 21,000

Titles and courses held:

  • Yacht-Master 200 gt, (Captain of up to 200 tons, English merchant marine)
  • HELM (Human Element Leadership & Management)
  • Cadet of Merchant Italian Marine;
  • Sail boating license / motor without limits
  • Patent by diver Anis advanced PSSR (Personal safety and social responsibilities)
  • Fire and Rescue Survival
  • Elementary first aid
  • First aid Security MAMS (Maritime Enabled to the Means of Relief)
  • GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System)
  • Radar
  • Arpa radar
  • Maritime distress and Safety System)


In these lines I will try to let you know in advance the passion he has directed me to make this work, and that gives me the “charge” every day for making your holiday one of the most beautiful experiences of your life.
Since childhood I have lived in close contact with the sea; “my” sea was always identified by the Straits of Messina, famous for its currents and its dangers. Already as a teenager I wanted to give a direction to my future, even though the high school of Messina was not for me a real springboard for boating.

I attended the first sailing course when I was 16 years old, with the drifts. I assure you that capsized in November with a laser in the strait with water that resembles that Polar has helped me to choose with extreme decision the speed offshore racing. Initially, I devoted myself to the classic local regattas, then I lived most important experiences such as the Rolex Middle Sea Race in 2005, the race which starts from Malta and do the circumnavigation of Sicily direct flights and later several editions of the race between Brindisi-Kerkyra. These experiences have given to me the chance to meet several friends/owners, with which I took part at the regattas or to whom I did the transfers from France to Sicily of the best performing boats bought … and who had to take care of bringing to the base the new “toys” if not the bowman?
Unfortunately all transfers took place during the winter, which is why there wasn’t the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures that only summer sea can give, but only having to avoid disruption, things that is difficult to practice

Between a race and a transfer, just for fun, I began my “career” with a group of guys from Verona. This group rented a 14-meter sailing boat from a company to a friend of mine who asked me the courtesy to be the skipper and let its customers safely entertained, it was the ’99. Ended this cruise, it has followed other groups of crews and families that with satisfaction and a hint of astonishment were always excited and satisfied with their vacation that was very good thanks to me.

In 2007 I went to Turkey with a friend to find the right boat, a lot of randomness and luck have enabled us to buy one. The first gulet of 21 meters, 6 cabins and a single engine. We took him to Italy in February with difficulties, but we managed in the enterprise.

After the renovations, it came the first season characterized by a lot of enthusiasm and some problems but, with much effort, we were able to ensure that our guests don’t notice anything or rather, the only they noticed was a lot of animated passion for the sea, for “our” Aeolian and not least the desire to know the classic Sicilian hospitality.

Other seasons have followed (the second and third season etc…) fortunately with less problems and new crews, but I was always pushed by the same enthusiasm.

In December 2009 in Italy I “found” by chance what later became my boat: the KAPTAN YILMAZ gulet of 27 meters, two engines, bow thruster and 8 cabins, definitely a more generous boat spaces.

The size of this sailing ship requires to find a suitable crew, the experience directed me to select a group of people not always professional but passionate, the ones which are often more efficient and more attentive to realize my motto, which is: embark customers and disembark friends!

Fortunately I managed in my goal: to make known the essence of Sicily, its sea, its flavors and

… About flavors I present …


The boat’s cook

My name is Giancarlo and I was born in 1974 in Milazzo

I became a cook for passion. I come from large distribution of food. After years the figure of representative agent was “little” for me and I preferred to devote myself to what was my passion, “cooking”.

I have created many dishes that come from the family traditions, strictly Sicilian, others suffered minor variations to be more suitable for a summer kitchen. The raw materials I use are locally sourced, I try to find products on the principle of Km 0 and Mile 0, often from a small vegetable garden of a friend.

Your holiday on board? … Will certainly have a contraindication! you will return satisfied !!!